Our Intentions setting for the new year

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Blog & Stories, Featured, Video

It is the end of a year that was surprising. We hoped for calmer waters. A year that brought us unexpected insights. Let’s say thank you for 2021. Without judgment, disappointments, or regrets. It was as it was. It still is what it is. We are grateful for the people who were inspiring. We are grateful for the light that came through, anyway. We are grateful for every breath we took effortlessly. We are grateful for all the beauty that we saw, in nature, with pets, in the eyes of good people. We are grateful we are still here, to re-create the future. Your Intentions are creating you reality Wayne Dyer

We are grateful to understand better what we are capable of, alone and together. We are grateful for the mercy, kindness, and wisdom we witnessed. We are grateful to feel so deeply. We are grateful for the tears, for the joy, and for remembering the enjoyment of small things. We are grateful for ourselves for “fighting another day”. We are grateful for learning more about who we are, what we want, and what we can. We bless the coming new year to be the vehicle of good news, new inspiration, new innovation, and new friends. We know that we co-create with the universe. We know that turning shadows into light, kindness, and love is our highest purpose. And for that, we say thank you. Thank you to life, to friends, to family, and to artists, teachers, healers, scientists, activists, leaders, mothers, fathers, creators, and explorers for bringing us further. Doesn’t matter how long this journey will take, we are honored to be here to witness, to participate, and to be light beings on mother earth, at this time.

And may we all, in 2022, feel, know, understand and experience our individual and collective power to shape our reality to the highest form, full of collaboration, expansion, joy, and creation.

May every one of us know your own worth and shine your light from within, for the whole world to see.

And so we say, Ken Yehi Ratzon (and so it is)




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