Who Do You Need to Forgive to CREATE SPACE for More Joy?

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Do you remember a time where you met a person, a child or a people who were so happy and you could only feel yourself unhappy and heavy?

Do you know the feeling of being stuck? And it seems that everybody got it together? It seems that everybody sits in a cafe with a friend, go to a party or have someone that loves them, and you don’t.

That is a painful feeling and if you also had that feeling when you know what I mean.
What I want you to know, is that everybody has that feeling sometimes.
Everybody has times where they feel left out of the party and everybody feel stuck sometimes.

Today is the first of June and we enter the month of Grounding, In the Goddessa Wheel.
But especially today, just before the New moon comes on June 4 and gives us a fresh new start, especially now we can feel insecure, stuck emotionally.

That is why I made you a special video.
If you are feeling great and jolly: use this session to get yourself grounded and in your power.
If you feel not so bright, here is a healing session on video so you can do it again and again when you feel low.

Why is it important for me to give it to you?

A story,
Lately, I met a beautiful woman with great talent.
Something is holding her back from real health and happiness.
What is it?
We were wondering.
We were talking for a while. Her life was full of disappointments and setbacks.
Then she said: I am really TRYING to be happy.
We looked at each other and we knew. The problem is trying. Trying to look happy, trying to be light and joyful.
For years and years, we are trying to avoid the shadows, the bad feelings but it doesn’t go away until we say hello.
So I asked her: Who do you need to forgive to create space for more joy?
And that was the beginning for purifying road.

I wish you space,

I wish you, love,

I wish you joy,

I wish you to honor where you are,

I wish you to fully enjoy Our Healing Session Video

Take time, listen with earphones (if you can) and give it a go.
We do it together.

Then let me know, in the comments, How do you create space?


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