Storytime: It was good that he made me cry

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Blog & Stories, Video

I want to share what I happened to me lately, what I discover, and what I’m experiencing. I’m so excited to learn new things and to follow the sign and synchronicity.
I also want to give a break to my patient husband who is an amazing lisiner, but he is only human.

The other day I had an interesting morning of getting a message from my grandfather.
As a healer and an artist, I work closely with our ancestors. These days I find that with our world and shifts and while truths are being revealed and believe systems are collapsing, we need to connect and heal with our ancestors.

Humanity needs to remember to connect to the land and to our ancestors, so we can move beyond the traumas and the injustices of the past.
We all have work to do.

Your ancestors are standing behind you with wisdom that is gained from evolution. They have so much love for you that I hope you reconnect to your family line to experience the insights and the support they can give you.

In this video, I tell a story about what happened to me two mornings ago and gave me a new understanding of what is happening in the collective.


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