Moving forward with a bit of reinvention 🌈

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Blog & Stories, Featured

To celebrate my beloved big birthday, we decided to visit a city we never experienced before.

We trusted our teen with the house and the animals, but on that special evening, instead of dining out, I suddenly got a fever and burned my little brain for 12 hours straight.

Yes, got Covid and we had to stay longer in the great city of Istanbul.

This visit made me see a lot of connections between things. I missed my birth city of Jerusalem (suddenly I understood the Ottoman influence on everything I know).

Something happened to me while I was burning hot.

I remembered past life, I burned old pain karma, I saw the truth about some things I could not see before, I realized that I can’t be happy without allowing myself to expand.

I made a decision.

My guides asked me to write down what I feel, and I did.

Reinventing yourself……


I am reinventing myself again

I do it because I want to

Because life is long and there is so much to explore

I want to experience different dimensions in myself

I am the creator who wants to expand.


I am reinventing myself again

Even though it annoys you

Even though it triggers you

And your furry can endanger my gentle heart.


I will have to take that chance and give myself permission to reinvent myself

To be the new me and not only the role I agreed to play, long ago when I was small, young, and clueless.


I loved being me until now but that is not enough anymore.

My soul is screaming to breathe deeper

To travel further

To build bigger

To sing freer

To connect with more inventors, creators, adventure seekers.

I loved my life until now but what got me here will not take me further.

I want to grow where ever I can.

In my mind and with what I think.

In my heart and with what I feel.

In my body and how I fully sense life pleasures and challenges

In my Spirit, who wants to travel further than I ever before.


I’m going to reinventing myself to something new that is seeding inside me for centuries.

The time has come and I am loving this permission and declaration.

If not me, then who?

If not my way then who way.

The unknown is out there but soon it will be here. It will become familiar and a friend. 

I take the first step in writing this.

I’m giving myself 100% permission to use all of my powers, tools, energies, talents, spirit, time, and money to reinvent and invest in myself to fulfill my dreams, plans, and soul mission?

And so it is.

Can you give yourself permission to reinventing yourself?​

What does it mean to reinvent yourself? What do you think ?

Please comment with your idea/wish/story to me
I’d love to read it!!

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