Meet Your Future Self With This Guided Sound Meditation

by | Nov 4, 2023 | Featured, Sound Healing, Video

What would you ask your Future self anything, what would you ask?
Would you check her out and judge yourself who lives in your future?
Would you want to be friends?
Would you have a list of questions to help you make important decisions?
Would you understand yourself better if you saw the possibilities? 

And then, when you get the answer you wanted,
Would you have more clarity?
Will you be brave to follow your dream?
And then when you have another question
You just take the journey again and have a new and illuminating experience.


We love this shamanic sound meditation that helps us visualize, connect, and get answers with our FUTURE SELF. It brings us knowledge, and peace fast. We need to create a bigger field of peace, especially now, when it is stormy out there. I recorded it at Stephan Jankowski’s studio and he is also playing the guitar. I use my shamanic drum and voices. close your eyes, relax, and listen.

#soundhealing #shamanicsoulhealing #lightlanguage If you love this and want more amazing audio tracks, check out this collection album…

What is a Sound Journey? It’s my way of saying Shamanic Meditation and Sound Healing Journey and It’s one of my most affecting tools for transformation and healing.

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