Loving Your Body is Contributing to World Peace. Seriously!

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 On the 4/12 Cycle of 108 days of Happiness.

I was working with the body, health, packing a house and moving to a new home and garden. Physical as it gets.

Loving your body is contributing to world peace. Seriously!

Yes, I stand behind this statement.

Loving our Physical body is and can contribute to world peace.

Learning to love your body more, contribute to making the world a happier place.

“Why is that?” you ask in astonishment

I will tell you.

First of all: When you think about loving your body, you probably think that it is a small thing.

You probably think that it is even insignificant or a superficial thing.

You maybe even believe that it is a luxury: It is a luxury to love and nurture and enjoy the physical body.

But it is not. It is essential to healthy existence.

This is where I want to scream to you and then, of course, go back to World Peace.

More love that you can bring to a specific aspect of your life: like your body, will create more fresh space in our consciousness.

So if you think that loving your body is your business alone, that it is only between you and your body, please know that the idea of suppuration is an illusion.

Everything is connected.

We know, for example, that we are hugely affected by everything our ancestors experienced, thought and believed.

Ancient cultures always talked about the effect of 7 generations.

Now science can prove that we have also a psychological DNA we inherit from our ancestors.

So if you have (and you must have) family members, women or children in your family of origin (last 7 generation) that suffered a physical trauma or abuse, physical put down, or sexual suppression or shame you must know that you carry some of it.

Does that give you a picture of the size of the healing we need? Collectively?

Anything you can do to elevate the percentage of how much YOU love your body, how much you feel confident in your body is powerful.

Love is required not only to the way your body looks but also what your body is, where it is in the cycles of life, how it feels when it is sick and even what it is represented to you.

Anything you can do, at this moment, to bring more healing, the release of old pain and peace into your relationship with your body, will bring more space and chance of health into your family line.

Your family line is intertwined with all other family lines: human family.

World peace is not only between religions

World peace is not only between tribes

World peace starts in your family

World peace starts with your relationship with him or with her

World peace starts with your relationship between you and you.

If you can expand the permission to enjoy the physical body without the traditional guilt and shame that is attached to it, you expanding consciousness to all of us.

Love to the body is also the right for health, the birthright for joy in the body, the permission to be sexually healthy and alive.

Your learning and willing to truly love your earthly body and allowing optimal health, allowing physical expression and allowing joy, is a gift. THANK YOU.

It is a gift to you, to your partner, a gift to your children, a gift to your mother ( yes! Yes!)and to your ancestors and the world.

So loving your BODY is definitely contributing to World Peace.

The second reason that loving your body is contributing to world peace, is that the fact that the moment you start to expand your permission to love and enjoy your physical body you are empowered to be what your soul originally intended.

You can come to the power of manifestation when you work together with your body.

The physical body is the instrument you have to create your vision on earth, in this physical and third-dimensional reality.

The soul can do nothing without the body.

The body is the connected link between your higher, bigger than life, soul and between this world.

The body will always show you where you need to work, to manifest.

The body house your mind and heart and will very practically scream at you with symptoms to give you clue.

Where your growth is blocked?

Disconnection to the higher vision? (spirit)

Shut down or overwhelmed emotional life (heart)?

Confused or scattered (mind)?

The body will always tell you the truth. So don’t shoot the messenger.

Better connection to your body, better connection to your subconscious.

When we don’t fight, struggle and obsess about the body we liberate a lot of space and fresh energy to spend in expression.

Exploring what the huge part of your can do in this world, what do you want to build? What do you want to create?

The moment we abandon the warlike relation to our body, how it looks like, the fact it keeps changing and the fact it takes constant care, more space we have.

The more space we have for creating the more we can manifest.

More manifestation: manifesting abundance, people things, projects and products, connectedness with others. More happiness, more clarity about your soul mission and before you know it, you are in a flow upward making you a fully contributing person.

And that is what the world needs from you.
We, the world, who want to have world peace.
We, need all parts of ourselves to awaken to their full potential.

To awaken to all levels of existent from the physical bodies all the way up to the giant soul, we need to love.

All of the bodies are important: the emotional body, the mental body the spiritual body, the astral body the cosmic body, but the touchdown to manifestation, success, and happiness is the physical body.

The ability to be here and now.

The ability to work with your hands.

The ability to walk, run, dance, cook, hug and have a facial expression when we communicate with other people, this is our God-given instrument.

When you are in your body and allowing it to be as it is, and allowing it to looks at it looks and develop it to come to optimal health and vibration, this is how you contribute.

This is what is asked of you: take care of yourself, in this level of awareness and this level of joy and then pass it forward, all the way to love of earth and humanity, and of course, World Peace.

and so it is

Ken yehi razon

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