Days 18-19 – Weekend of Love & Family Life

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Days 18-19 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

This weekend we came back from a holiday, driving for 9 hours. Then at home unpacking, washing, cleaning feeding the kids… All the mundane things of a family life.

We had a life-changing holiday, were we got connected to a new vision of living. In the quiet of nature, we shifted something.
I am in love with my beloved still. After 25 years together.

So I am already in the appreciative mood: to love, romance, soul-mate, partnership and even marriage.
I didn’t want to be the marrying kind, but who was I kidding.
After living with the man for 10 years I had to say YES.

I am grateful to so many things about my beloved that I almost feel guilty (!!!???)
So now that I am aware (that is the purpose of this challenge) I will try to continue writing in the hope that it will create inspiration and blessing to you.

I intensely appreciate his “solid as a rock” love.
I intensely appreciate how different we are and how fascinating it is
I intensely appreciate that we met when we met, young and innocent; ha ha ha
I intensely appreciate the 10 years we had a wonderful life in Amsterdam before we build a home and a family.
I intensely appreciate his family being my second family in the life I had here.
I intensely appreciate his support in everything that I do
I intensely appreciate his fighting me when he believes I am not honoring myself.
I intensely appreciate his grace, his wisdom, his devotion to our children
I intensely appreciate all the places we traveled together and the places we will still go.
I intensely appreciate the special wedding we had and the effect it had on healing my family.
I intensely appreciate we are such a good team in all level of life and pleasure.
I intensely appreciate everyday of this togetherness.
I intensely appreciate surviving all the up and down that life, parenting, work, and circumstances gave us, and that we grew from it.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

Sometimes things go slower then I want, but maybe it is a good thing.
Maybe that is a good rhythm for life full of flow.

Am I intensely loyal to myself?

Yes, but feeling guilty about happiness needs to be looked at. which I will do.

What have I learned today?

Family life, upbringing children, and especially special needs children can take all the energy and patience.
Today I reminded, how much it is worth it! I can do it, and integrate that in the flow of my new chapter.

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