Looking For A Communication and Community Agent

The seventh star- production company of GalittaI’m Galitta from Galitta.com

I’m excited to add a communication and community agent to my team.
We are ready for an enthusiastic and expressive agent to help us, and especially me, Galitta to spread our message of inspiration to old and new audiences.

The Seventh Star is the production house of Galitta. The Seventh Star creates and produces live and online events and programs that inspire, empower and entertain audiences and groups. Our unique productions are based on personal growth and healing modalities combined with art forms and creative expressions like music, design, and theater.

For the season ’21 – ’22, we are focussing on three productions: Inner World Peace events (Live), Galitta’s Healing Arts channel (youtube), and Happy Goddessa programs. We are also preparing for the launch of the Happy Goddessa community, the Inner World Peace tour, and the Return of the Queen healing concerts.

Job Opening for the Seventh StarTo manage all our communications and engage with all our audiences we are looking for a freelance communication and community manager. You will be responsible for:

  1. The successful promotion of Inner World Peace concerts
  2. The successful promotion of Galitta’s Healing Arts channel
  3. Consistent, on-brand, and effective communications on social media, our website, and the newsletter, based on content by Galitta
  4. Increasing, engaging, and converting our List (subscribers and clients)
  5. Increasing, engaging, and managing the Happy Goddessa community (starting in 2022)

Of Course, you are skilled.
Ideally you:

  • Are result-oriented, self-starting, and hands-on
  • Thrive on the energy of a start-up and building a brand
  • Are supportive of the brand, the productions, and the artist
  • Are sparring partner of Galitta on all matters concerning the production house
  • Live around Amsterdam so we can meet physically


To apply: 

Send you to email to info@galitta.com addressed to Peter Vermey and with the headline of Application to C&C Agent



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