Let’s Get Clear About What We Really Want to Manifest -session #1

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Blog & Stories, Featured, Video

I have a love/hate relationship with change.
I want to change but I’m also a bit afraid of not knowing what is next.

I welcome change and upgrade, but I also want everything to be familiar.

Sometimes I dream of a changed world, situations, circumstances, and sometimes I can’t see what I actually want.

Do you know how this feels?

Last few weeks I visited my family, after not seeing them for more than two years. I realized that everything has changed and that nothing has changed.

Then a miracle happened.
Marianne Williamson says that “a miracle is a change in perception”.

And that happened to me when I was walking down the hill in the village of my birth. I was passing by the kindergarten I grew up in and I looked at the lights of Jerusalem in the distance.

I walked down the mountain to my father’s house as I did for so many years and I smiled at the stars. (I don’t know why the sky is so amazing there).

That day I had met and talked to people I hadn’t seen for 30 years. I realized that the story of loss and devastation I told myself for years was not true anymore.

Everything is still there. Everything that matters – my roots, my family history, love, courage, beauty – is alive and doing well.

Everything changed but nothing valuable has changed.

That gave me hope, for our world too.
We feel squeezed in these times, it’s not easy, but if we choose to live with purpose and if we honor our hearts and our soul, we win.

I believe humanity will overcome and upgrade. We can do our part to help by being clear about what WE want for OUR world.

In the last few weeks, I started to communicate and work with my spirit team in a new way.

“Let us help you” is something that they were telling me for years. But for some reason, I still chose the path of struggles.

Why do we do that?

In one of my self-healing sessions, my team asked me to say clearly, in one sentence what is my North Star. They asked: What do you want now? Tell us and we can bring it to you.

For a few days, I felt I couldn’t see anymore what I want.
So much confusion, disbelief, and a pile of old disappointments were standing in the way. (OHHHHHCHCHCH)

So I made a fun video for us, in my new space. (My Team made me change my home!)
Let’s Get Clear About What We Really Want to Manifest – session #1

It is a short healing session with EFT (tapping) to give ourselves permission to see clearly what is our North Star – the guiding star to our Journey.

With Joy and voice,
P.s. Leave me your insight in the Video comment 🙂

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