Let’s enter the Aquarius age together from our own bed!!

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On Monday I thought that the universe is pushing us to start a revolution with our pajamas on, and explode light, vision and hope into the world from our own beds!!

You know what? I think it was a secret dream for centuries 😇😮

This is what happened:

I wanted to do a Shamanic Sound Journey for those who want to cross the HUGE portal of 21 December 2020. Usually, everybody lies down on yoga mats to go deep into meditation…the best way to cross and big portal. As you know we are in the most powerful days of moving from light to dark. It’s the winter solstice but also the beginning of the new age of Aquarius. 👏🏼😀

So I invited a few people to an event at my home.

Then, the 10 places were sold out and some friends were disappointed to miss… So I started to look for a bigger space and suddenly… an urgent lock down was announced!!

Nothing is allowed, no shops, no visits.


Are we going to let that take us off our LOVE MISSION?


We decided to rise above the first shock and ask the universe. And she said: broadcast!!

I thought about my friends in the USA and Canada and I decided to invite you all to join us live and online so we can have great healing fun. 🙌🏼

So, we do this, last minute and hope you will join us .

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The program is delightful 😁

  • We start with body and voice activation so we can all ground ourselves and become a powerful instrument to bring healing to ourselves, to our families, and our world.
  • Then we take a guided shamanic sound journey with me and my beloved drum and will be channeled especially for us and this moment. This is when you put your headphones on and lay down in your own bed and travel to another dimension with me. We are going to cross the portal to our future, conscious and inspired, and plant the seeds of a miracle. We will bless your 2021, healing some of the painful things that happened in 2020.
  • Then we will open our voices and sing the healing mantra the Ho’oponopono prayer. You can sing wild as you want in the privacy of your own room. Actually, you can read more about it and for free already for your own healing and personal use

Join me and my friends online in this intimate event.🎁

On 21 Dec 2020 at 19.00- 21.00 CET Amsterdam, 18.00- 20.00 London time, 12-2 PM San Francisco 1-3 PM New York time.

if you can’t be there on this time, when you register you will get the replay💛

Today I am thrilled to announce that this loving initiative INNER WORLD PEACE that started in 2019 is now a series of live and online monthly gatherings to manifest peace together. 

This Month is our first event, so we love your support in joining us, in spreading the message, or just in spirit and intention. 

Can you imagine what would happen to humanity if each individual on this planet would feel peaceful and loving within? Can you picture how we’d interact with each other? 


The world, I’m sure you’ll agree, is now in a permanently different place than it was jus


t a couple of months ago. There’s a massive shift in consciousness happening on the planet right now. We are all hungry to find inner peace and expand our hearts.
This initiative will help you experience this.
We’re so excited to support you in the process!


During this live event, we will enjoy the power of sound, chant, meditation, and mantras to transform our mental and emotional blocks back to self-love and well-being.


  1. First, we heal ourselves.
    Galitta’s Sound Journey brings us into a state of “no time, no space” that allows the listener to enter their own subconscious mind with full awareness and autonomy. The effect brings our brain waves into Theta and Delta brain waves that dismantle stress and overthinking.
  2. We focus on our families and the world.
    By collectively singing the Inner World Peace Mantra (download for free here) we can manifest peace in ourselves while we raise the world’s frequency of peace and love through music. You can sing along and meditate on the mantra as often as you like.

21 Dec 2020 Inner World peace Healing with Galitta

– Location: a) Online via Zoom + b) Live in Amsterdam

  Live events will be organized safely following Covid-19 regulations from local authorities.  

– Time: 19:00-21:00h CET

– Cost: €18 

Tickets here: https://galitta.com/shop/sound-meditation-event/ 

Download the mantra here:  https://galitta.com/inner-world-peace/


I am very excited about the journey we are about to start. It is going to be full of fun and blessings. 

With love.



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