Let’s acknowledge our collective trauma

by | May 6, 2022 | Blog & Stories, Video

I had other plans for this week’s video but then I heard the news.

and I got so sad.

The recent decision of the U.S Supreme Court—is a move that strips away the freedom of our fellow women to decide about their body, family, and their future.

Why does it affect me so?

It is personal and I also know what this kind of trauma means for many families and our societies. I call it Fertility Trauma and I see that with all people that I work with.

Since the Happy Goddessa topics are being integrated into the Fertile Ground Tribe I allow myself to share this video with those of you who need it.

I decided to speak my truth with you, breathe, and acknowledge our feelings and I hope it can help us all.

So sit with me today and let’s just allow ourselves to feel all the emotions we have about this.

let’s take a moment to breathe and feel whatever comes up for us as we sit together and process this together as one community.

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