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by | Dec 30, 2023 | Blog & Stories, Video

Once upon a time, in the serene setting of a monastery, there lived a wise Zen master. His name was Master Koji, and he was known for imparting profound lessons to those seeking enlightenment. One such seeker was a young man named Malik.

Eager to learn the secrets of life, Malik joined Master Koji’s monastery. The tranquil surroundings, coupled with Master Koji’s guidance, provided the perfect environment for deep contemplation and self-discovery.

One day, Malik had the opportunity to ask Master Koji a question that burned within him. He sought a lesson that would help him understand the essence of life. Master Koji, recognizing Malik’s sincerity, decided to take him for a stroll in the monastery’s garden.

As they walked in a mindful meditation, they reached a point where trees adorned a delicate cocoon. Master Koji pointed to it and shared that inside the cocoon, a caterpillar was undergoing a transformative journey to become a butterfly.

Intrigued and eager to absorb this unique lesson, Malik began observing the caterpillar every day. The changes were mesmerizing—colors shifted, shapes transformed, and Malik learned profound lessons about life through this process.

One day, as the caterpillar completed its transformation, Malik saw the completely folded butterfly inside the casing. Excitement filled him as he watched the butterfly struggle to break free. Fearing for its well-being, Malik couldn’t bear to see the creature in distress.

Motivated by a desire to help, Malik found a fine knife, carefully making an incision in the casing to aid the struggling butterfly. To his delight, the butterfly emerged, unfolding its wings in magnificence. However, tragedy struck as the butterfly, unable to fly, succumbed to its fate after a few hours.

Heartbroken and feeling responsible, Malik sought counsel from Master Koji, admitting his failure. The wise Zen master, with understanding and compassion, explained a crucial lesson about the metamorphosis of a butterfly. He revealed that the struggle to break free was essential, as it allowed the life force to flow into the wings, giving them strength.

Though Malik felt sadness for intervening, Master Koji assured him that the butterfly’s purpose was fulfilled—to teach him a valuable lesson about the importance of struggles in life. Grateful for the wisdom gained, Malik left the monastery, reflecting on the profound teachings of Master Koji.

And so, the tale of Master Koji and Malik became a timeless story, passed down through generations in the monastery, a reminder that sometimes, the struggles we face are essential for our transformation and growth.

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