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by | Oct 15, 2020 | Blog & Stories, Events

I fell in love with Amsterdam 4 times in the first year I came here.

In the last month of 1989, I realized Amsterdam was not interested in my official identity ( age, gender, race, religion) I was amazed.
She was honest, simple, and relaxed and just let me be myself l, Galitta, a young person who left everything behind, with a broken heart but also with a desire to discover life and new ways of being and thinking.
And she was full of treasures.

The second time was a month later when she, Amsterdam, brought me a tall, smart Dutchman called Peter and his graceful self made me feel at home.

The third time was when I realized that my work as a model for painters, artists, and sculptures brought me to all the studios and school of art in Amsterdam and made my week full of meeting all kinds of groups of students and professionals artists that created art and explored looking at life.

The fourth time was when I rented a small theater and produced, created, and performed in my own woman show.
And that is the beginning of everything I love in my creative life.

In()Side transformation artNow things come full circle.
The new chapter, love, art, and music performance.

I want to tell you about this event as it is glorious, experimental in the center of Amsterdam and it is free.

It is called In()side and it was created by an artist collective with full passion.

Let me introduce In()side: A 9 days long exhibition with daily performances/events. The curator of the exhibition, Branka Zgonjanin, has gathered artists from different disciplines to explore the relationship between art and transformation, art and spirituality, ethics, and aesthetics.

See the program here.

For me pers


Personally is when all my work comes together.

30 September at 16.00-
Use Your Voices: Introduction workshop about the power of our Four Voices™ to heal our lives.

Friday 2 October at 20.00
And Saturday 3 October at 16.00
The Return Of The Queen: Interactive Healing Concert and Performance
The performance is a journey through 13 songs and stories of the queen and her king walking the Medicine Wheel.
A concert that is a visual, verbal, and musical story of inspiration, healing, and mythology.

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