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by | Mar 30, 2022 | Blog & Stories, Featured

When I said that I am reinventing myself some people expected me to leave my husband and start to train for marathons and paint my hair purple. 

I will not 🙂

Ha Ha Ha those things I think I will never do. 

Reinvention starts on the inside, it can be a revolution inside your head about the way you talk to yourself, the fact that you decide not to be around “life-sucking people” or when you start to let your inner child play, create more. 

So how are you inventing yourself? Are you following some manifestation techniques? want to know how to start manifesting

What are you NOT doing anymore? (hold a grudge against your mother? work yourself to the bone, for little return? be critical to yourself?)

What are you going to DO or BE more? (Honor yourself?  Study something new? Meditate? Sing more often out loud?) 

Whatever you decide, there is one thing I know for sure. 

I want to help you succeed.

I want to inspire you, support you and give you the tools, the proven path to fulfillment and happiness. 


After my very long journey, I know, that is my fulfillment.
I’m an alchemist first and a creator, artist second. 

If what I do, say, write, compose, heal, create, or sing doesn’t inspire more change or love. I am not happy. 

I believe that changing the world start with ourselves and with one person at a time.
In all my years (since 2005) of teaching, healing, and guiding, I saw that people like you who want to grow and self-realize themself are the change agents that transform our societies. 

You bring healing to yourselves, your families, and our family lines. 

And I love you for it. 

In our Spring Celebration, I shared my news and here it is:
From April 1st, which is the new moon in Aries, I initiate the Fertile Ground Tribe. 

We are all magical seeds that are ready to grow into majestic grown trees. The Fertile Ground will be the way we help each other grow and manifest the life we know we were born to have. 

If you know me long enough, you will remember that between 2009-2013 I had a center in Amsterdam that was called Fertile Ground Studio. 

It’s such a great story and a great plan! I love to tell you all about it. 

So in my next video, I tell you all about what we are going to manifesting your desires and co-create together and how you can benefit from it. 

Until then, I wanted to share with you one manifestation technique for manifesting your desires that you must try and do together with me. 



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