Day 3 – It Is time!

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Day 3 of 108 days of this Intense Appreciation Challenge

What is the main question today?

What is the actual challenge? What am I trying to bring into being or solidification?
As one of my songs say It is time.
I take this Journey because:
It is time for me to find effortlessness
it is time for me to manifest my dreams
it is time for me to live in daily appreciation
and time for me to accept all that is

I am ending the years of hiding
I am ending the pain of being
I am ending the times of doubting
and I am ending the “not knowing”

I am entering a stage of Expanding Field
as another song of mine says
and I am rejoining the natural flow

labyrinthlute labyrinth guitar

I am accepting myself: all of my not perfect imperfections
I am accepting everyone not perfect imperfections
and I accept the challenges I got in daily life

I am at peace with what I have done and what I haven’t done
I will be at peace with where our world is, I hope

I bring my mission forward and will not hide behind hopelessness
I bring my passion forward and will not hide behind the embarrassment

I will stick to my plan
I will stay secure
I will remember the big picture
I will learn focus

I am opening myself to support
I am opening myself to new experiencesWoman Walking in Labyrinth
I am opening myself to an abundance
I am opening myself to peace

I remember who I am on all directions: mind, body, heart, and spirit
I remember what I come here to bring
I intensely appreciate, accept what life is
I am allowing freedom to create as I receive

Today questions:

What can I intensely appreciate today?

I really appreciate the site It keeps me on track of writing. It makes me do one of the most important things. sit down and write!!
I am extremely grateful for the time and quite I had to work and create. I am happy about it.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

The coming new moon affects me strongly. what can I do?

Was I intensely honest about whom I am and was loyal to myself?

yes, I took a break and supported my body when needed.

What am I intensely creating?

I wrote a new blog

The word today:



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