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Happiness Quote

“I see that I was born to do this and that life gave me all of the good stuff and all the shit stuff to learn to do this”


I’m Galitta Tassa. I’m a singer/ songwriter, producer, I write, I paint. I initiated a method of empowerment and I built Fertile Ground Studios. Now I’m starting my next initiative, which took me a long time, and that is called Happy Goddessa.

The essence of it is to honor fabulous femaleness. I see women’s happiness as one of the most important things to transform the world. Happy women make happy children, happy homes. We create beauty, we create togetherness, we create social structure, etc.
On the biggest vision, I want to empower women and girls as much as possible.


My passion is to create. I create consciousness to awaken our full potential, that fabulous part of us, through sound, music, text and stories, concept, events, and illustrations.


I wanted my own fabulousness! If I look at my life I see that I was born to this and that life gave me all of the good stuff and all the shit stuff to learn to do this.

I believe we are born with amazing powerful light, but also with a lot of chains. I work with the voice, singing is my main thing, but I discovered it´s not only about how I sing physically. I discovered there are also voices in my head that are derailing me from my path. They are chains.

I was really interested in how to liberate myself and then I started to…

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