Day 31 – Intensely appreciate Home

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Mother and me

I am unexpectedly homesick. I say unexpectedly because I think I should get used to it.

A while ago I celebrated 25 years since I came with a backpack to Amsterdam with 50 guilders in my pocket.

It is the best thing I ever did but I also felt a broken heart for a long time.

Today I saw a new picture on the photo frame, my beloved put another image in the frame.

I stood there, looking at my grandparents and cried.

I Intensely appreciate the luck I had to travel to Amsterdam when I did, and build the life that I did.

I Intensely appreciate the fact that I met the love of my life and built a lovely home with him all these years.

I Intensely appreciate the place I was born, its beauty and the community that came with it.

I Intensely appreciate the fact that it is still there. Even though I felt homeless most of the time, I had a great childhood with my tribe and my extended family in the home my grandparents built.

That, I appreciate every day of my life.

What can I intensely appreciate today?

Home – past and present

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I have to accept that I feel physically exhausted.

Was I intensely honest about who I am and was I loyal to myself?

I am honest about who I am but I have to admit that my beloved is right. He is wise and knows me more than anybody. He shows me that the challenge I gave myself is pushing me to move to the next stage. Work in a new way, trust and follow the structure I built, as I know it fits me.

So if I am honest, Showing myself to the world the next 108 days and publishing all of the projects and milestones is very very scary.

Very very scary, but I do it because I want to expand my life. Do you?

What am I intensely creating?

My life, my home, my marriage, my family.

Q for you:

What do you appreciate the most about the home you come from?


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