In me, there is a wild child

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One of my favorite things to do when I need clarity and inner power is to connect to my subpersonalities. This is part of shadow work and it doesn’t have to be scary. Visiting our inner world brings us an endless fountain of wonder and creativity.

in me, there is a wild child Poem by Galitta


In me, there is a wild child who is stirring his little boat on the river
and a girl that senses all living beings and speaks with cats.

In me, there is a disappointed old man, who drinks himself to death but also a young man who only wants to play sports.

In me, there is a bride who looks at her dress with wonder
And an old aboriginal wise man that reads the sky.

In me, there is a newborn baby that was not welcome and a charming daddy’s girl who always wears pink pants with a tiara.
In me, there is a dying woman, who is cherished by her family and an old woman who hikes in the desert.

Sometimes all of them come to visit me and sometimes I am alone, still holding their struggles and their hopes.

Today I say hello to the girl who is hiding in a tree and lives on berries and nuts. She forgot her name and lost her family when she run away from the horror of war.

“Do you want to go back?” I ask
When she looks at me puzzled I add “home?”
“I’m afraid of what I’ll find” she whispers
“Will you always stay in this tree? not knowing?”
“I can not imagine anything else”
“shall we just walk together to the river? I ask
“Is there a river? Her eyes widen
“Yes”, I continue encouraged, “with many more trees, animals, and children.”
I hold her hand and she comes off the big tree that was her shelter and her bare feet stepping on fallen leaves.

Together we walk following the sounds of water. The world looks wide and full of possibilities and she grows in size with every step she takes.

In me, there is a woman who lost a child and a woman who burned her house down. In me, there is a curious man that travels the rocky mountains and a boy that just fell in love with a red-haired girl.

And I am watching, letting them be, offering assistance when I can, and love when it is needed.

Today I sit by the river and let it all happen as it should.
Today I am present with all that is and hum the song of home.


(In me, there is a wild child poem by Galitta)


💛I highly encourage you to sing that song of home with me – and slow down to get clarity when you need it.

Love, light, and voice,

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