In love with Amsterdam

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In love with AmsterdamMorning in Amsterdam and for a change it is sunny.
I have a big smile on my face; Amsterdam is the only city in the world that wakes up late.

Her secret is that she is actually a village; you can go through al of her in few hours, walking or on a bicycle. Amsterdam is a beautiful, straightforward, artistic girl with a hotly reputation. I find her very romantic, not only because I found my love here, but because the calm and uniqueness of this city kept my spirit naïve and my love life fresh.

Paris is too big, Venice deserted. Amsterdam is evolving, trance cultural and artistically innovative.

I live in Amsterdam for so long and I still speak English, the rest of Holland is Unhappy with me but Amsterdam is forgiving.

Maybe some people experience Amsterdam dark side. Everything and everybody has an ugly side. I love her for displaying her restroom with no shame or hypocrisy, at least in Amsterdam the restroom has big windows so the sun can come in.

The other day I came back from a rehearsal around 23.00 pm riding playfully my bicycle back home, I sang out load and felt 21 years old again, safe, free at night in Amsterdam.

My first impression of Amsterdam was set for love and art from the very beginning.

I met my beloved and I was modeling for artists.

So all day everyday I was in art studios, classes and school with student and artists practicing to draw my lines and character. It was fun.

I also started to create music performance and fell in love with the freedom to be myself, hear my own voice.

Born in Jerusalem, you experience living with heavy loyalty to your culture group and family. In Amsterdam I am just Galitta, no other title no body calls me daughter of…

No stereotype connected to my tribe.

So after 20 years, I am still in love with her and consider it my second birthplace, I am still in love with my beloved and our two children, still in love with music and art.

So for me Amsterdam is the most romantic girl in the world.

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