Are We Breaking Open?

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Life surprised me again. Why I’m even surprised? 🙂
When I asked her to show me what I don’t see, Life said: surrender.
I argued: “But I have been trying that for years.”
“Try again,” Life said.
“Surrender your sorrows, your frustrations, and the past.”

I believe it’s the only way to be free, but why is it so hard for me to do it?
Can you easily accept, forgive, and let go? 

So I thought, ok I’ll try.
I used all I know and tried to trust deeper, to let go longer, and to be more patient with myself and others.

This is what is happening. (don’t let that scare you 🙂

I got a lung infection and then my body started hurting. It’s been three months now.
“You are not sick,” says Life with kindness. “You are breaking open.”

The pain in my bones, my muscles, my joints, my hips, my back, my hands, and my neck is moving around. 

“The body is the last one to release the old karmic programs.”
All my healer friends are helping me.

For years I did release old traumas from my emotional, mental, and spiritual body.
Now the physical body needs her attention, love, and rest.

What does the Body need? 

Safe space
Good food
Healing sounds
Loving touch

And I will add, also Shiatzu, Massages, Craneoscraal, Biofeedback, Osteopathy, Theta healing, Reflexology, Shamanic and sound healing, somatic bodywork and more. 

I feel I’m closing a big circle of many lifetimes.
The physical body is a great teacher.

I talk to my mother, my grandmother, my daughter who is going through change, and other family and friends who are going through challenges, and I feel all of the people of the world are part of this liberation journey. 

I know that I help also my family and tribe because I’m also finishing writing my book. The book started as a synopsis for a theater show and became a fairytale about Princess Sheba who went on a journey to find her grandmother and found her voice.

Then something happened a year ago. An amazing editor came my way that gave me permission to go wild and follow my heart.
“I get guidance in dreams and in meditation, to go far into the story and history of my people,” I tell her terrified.
“It will anger some people.” I’m worried.
“Maybe It’s too spiritual.”
“It’s not according to the rules.”

She says: “Go all the way don’t hold back at all. Let me do the editing, later, much later.” 

I love her!

So even though I can’t sit for long and my body hurts, I write every day. I surrender and let it become what it is becoming. 

Byron Katie quotes

The effect of surrender is interesting. 

My guides want me to “focus on one thing, let go, for now, from all other projects”.
That is hard!

I choose to finish the book and my health because now I have had a virus for the last two weeks :-0
Life is so funny.

I’m retreating from the world, working in the garden, writing, and creating every day.
I’m accepting that I can’t change the past.
I’m accepting that I can’t change the world.
I’m accepting that my kids are leaving our family home and that we, Peter and I, are becoming “empty nesters” and that the future is not clear.

While I slow down and let myself enter my body and my pelvis queendom. 

I’m inspired to turn my old studio into a Creative Green Heart on Airbnb.
I didn’t expect it to be so much fun.
Our world opens up to beautiful people from all over the world that are delighted to enjoy the goodness, charm, and beauty of Amsterdam and Zaandam. 

I’m delighted in sharing my home, my care, and my garden with our guests and enjoy my homemaker skills 🙂
It helps me anchor to a new earthly rhythm. 

The second miracle that happened (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it) is that I finally, after a long and treacherous road, have a driving license.
After no interest for years in driving, and being happy on my bike, I suddenly had the desire to be able to drive my mom to the beach when I am visiting Israel.

I started on the first day of Covid and everything went wrong from that point, but I didn’t give up.
After failing the 5th exam, a wonderful new instructor told me: “You just need to be restful in your body while taking the exam. Don’t rush yourself and give yourself time.”

Here it is again. The story of my life!

The divine mother who is always with me says: “Follow the body and the tempo of the earth, slow down, and rest in the power of receptivity. Life wants to give you abundance and flow.”

On the 21st of June, we enter the Summer season with the summer solstice which always brings big turning points in energy.
In the Four Voices, it is the energy of the Earth element and our physical voice.

Time to tune into the body’s wisdom and pleasures. 

I wish you an amazing new season and because the new moon just started to grow, don’t forget to plant your love seeds in the fertile earth of consciousness. 

What are you manifesting next?
What are you focusing on?
What does your Physical body need from you now?
What does your home base needs?

For your Inspiration.

This is the picture of the Schumann Resonance on a normal day.

Schumann resonance
In short, it’s called the “heartbeat of the earth”.
We, humanity are starting to understand that EVERYTHING has a frequency and that our earth and our Consciousness are not only linked but can be recorded, and that it influences EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.
Scientists are still trying to learn how it affects us and the earth and what it means.

On June 18th this happens.

Schumann Resonance june 18 2023

What does that mean?

Nobody knows for sure, but we all FEEL that it is intense out there.
The divine mothers that love us unconditionally advise us:

Slow down,
Go close to the earth,
Let go of what is not serve you anymore: bad habits, patterns, regrets, grouches, and old pain.
and allow yourself to: ground and come to the center.
Love yourself enough to be caring and forgiving.
Love Your Body.

If you need to remember:
You are not alone
the whole cosmos is shifting to help you be free
the Answers are Inside you, only one conscious breath away.


















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