How to make 2023 your best year? Online workshop for the go-getters

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Blog & Stories, Events, Featured

Can you believe it’s already December? 

Time is spreading up it’s a great opportunity to work with those incoming energies with curiosity and excitement.

But let’s be honest, when I look back at this year, I can be judging myself or this year harshly. Do you do the same?

Whatever happened to you this year, making you ready for next year’s great blessings?
We all want to start to understand who we are and how to use our powers, creativity, and focus to bring ourselves to the next level

Reminder to our little Self 🙂 Don’t compare your journey to any other person, only compare to yourself and where you were a few months ago.

What would you like to create 2023 to be?

What is it that you want? (did you notice it’s sometimes hard to answer this question? )

more conscious?

more focus?

more motivation to make your life what you want?

Is it more family time?

more love in a relationship?

more creativity and personal expression?

more money in the bank?

more travel?

less anxiety?

less dwelling in old pain,

less confusion?

fewer conflicts?

All of this is possible and can be designed into your reality and for that, you need to be true to your heart and honest.

And that’s why I decided to make a free workshop for all of us to go through a process of reevaluating the year we passed and recreating the year we want.

In this workshop:

1) We also are talking about the four reasons that we are blocking ourselves.

2) What is the role of shadow beliefs and how do transmute them?

3) Which technics we can use to support positive change?

4) Decide on new habits we integrate into our lives in order to overcome those obstacles. 

Workshop Use Your Voice To make 2023 Matter | How to make 2023 your best year


In this fun and productive workshop, we will go through the journey of our 4 voices to reflect on the last year and clarify what we are choosing to create in 2023. 

We will work with 4 main reasons most of us are procrastinating, losing faith, or even self-sabotaging ourselves and how we can set ourselves up to succeed. 

The workshop is for people who;

  • Are ready to take action for 2023
  • Feel that it’s time to break through
  • Are fed up with procrastinating on their desire
  • Have tried a lot, but nothing worked so far
  • Feel they have a contribution to make to this world
  • Have special talents to share
  • Have much more to give than they currently are


What do you need for the workshop? 

  1. Sign up so you get the actress to the workshop and the replay if you can’t be there physically.
  2. Clear up the time to work and play with no distractions. 
  3. Bring a notebook to write 
  4. Optional: Earphones, a candle, and a cup of teal. 


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