How My Spirit Guide Changed My Reality

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Connecting to your inner voice and meeting some of your guides can profoundly change your perception. It truly changed my life.

The first time I realized that I can consciously meet my spirit guide was when I was in the Caribbean with my beloved. It was 1993 and we both left Holland and moved to Barbados, a beautiful island on the Caribbean sea.

I was reading a book by Shirley Maclaine. As a performer, I always admired her work and personality and when I found her book in a small bookstore in the nearby island, I was curious.
One of her books was called “Into the Lights. In that book, she wrote candidly about her life and spiritually seeking experiences. She wrote about things that nobody, at that time, was brave enough to reveal: her inner life and her spirit guides.

Suddenly, while I was sitting there on the beach looking at the beautiful flying fishes jumping above the surface of the sea, I realized something.

I realized, with joy in my heart, that the “invisible friend” I had my whole childhood was most probably a spirit guide.

I remembered the special friend was whispering comforting words to me, guiding me, making me notice something, or teaching me something new. That was my spirit guide.

I started to become really interested in how to connect to the same flow I had when I was a child!

How do I enjoy the magical and wisdom support I remember from my childhood again?

Did I become much adult and rational that I lost that ability?

I knew that I already had a connection and reading the book of one of my heroes proved to me that it is still possible and useful to continue to work with that force and guidance.

We’re all born multi-sensory. We just kind of lose it when rational thinking cuts off all the other senses. Did you know that everybody is born with the potential to speak all human languages and dialects? As culture and belief systems are installed, we lose that ability in our brains.

So then I thought I would like to speak to my spirit guide, but how do I do that?

At that time it was not very easy or popular to want to explore your consciousness. Even though I was an artist surrounded by creators, being “too much woo-woo” was looked down upon.

Nowadays we are more conscious of the fact that we are not alone in the universe and we’re also not the only dimension that exists. More of us are aware that there are lots of dimensions, next to us, above us, and in us.

Everything that we cannot hear and touch with our five senses is the reality you can meet with your multi-sensory abilities.

For example, a human can’t see ultraviolet light, but spiders, rats, and insects can.

A human can’t hear sounds below the 20 HZ but elephants can. Humans can’t hear above 15,000 HZ but dogs can.
Do you understand what I mean?

Reality is much bigger than what our little minds and five senses can perceive.

Just for the fun of it, I will add that hard-headed people can’t see or feel fairies but innocent children can. We stay open to wonder and open to the most enriching exploration of our life, aka our multi-sensory abilities.

I had a friend who was learning shamanism at the time, so when we came back to Holland I was eager to explore my new ideas with the advanced spiritual community of Amsterdam. She connected me to an old Dutch woman, who had striking white hair and a kind face. She looked transparent and connected to places I wanted to know about. She was a medium.


I never met or talked to a medium before. I didn’t know anything, but she explained that she is channeling Archangel Michael. Now, I know more about that, but it sounded familiar and safe back then.

These days many people are guided or channel Archangel Michael. It’s powerful, beautiful energy that can come very close to our 3D reality, so it’s very easy to channel.

Every beginner can connect to Archangel Michael.

It is very protective and ready to assist energy, and many people, who are afraid of the cult,  feel comfortable with that because it’s part of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

So people who are afraid of going deep into investigating spiritual plains and have very strong religious beliefs feel safer with Archangels, as they feel it is connected to God, but you don’t need religion to connect.

So while I am sipping my tea and staring at her small frame, she is starting to channel Archangel Michael. I can ask anything I want, so I said:  I want to meet the friend, the very, very close friend that I had when I was young.

He said: Alright, Let me check this out.

I find it funny, it is as if he is going to a library to get the information, then he is back and he says; “The personal guide you are talking about is called Omra. ” he gave me the full name of his last lifetime. It is a Hebrew name and I am freaking out.

Then he gave me some background information that blew my mind.

“You both spend many, many lives together and in this life, he is your very personal guide”

“The last life you both share” he continued

“Was just around the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem”

What?!!! I am shocked.

“Both of you were male scholars and best friends, you both experienced the traumatic exodus of the Hebrew tribes. You both traveled to Babylon and experienced it. It has been a huge, amazing culture in comparison to the modest and little city of Jerusalem.

It took me a minute to take it in as I didn’t know much about my past life and the idea that I lived in the city I was born in, this lifetime, also as a Jewish person, gave me the shivers.

I also learned that that was the last time Omra had on earth and I had many ( some very miserable) lives and that he is committed himself to being with me in every lifetime. Only later when I learned more I understood more about who we are as spirits and humans and everything in my life made more sense, but then it was astonishing and groundbreaking.

Then, Archangel Michael asked: “Do you want to meet him”?

I said yes, and immediately I was worried he will judge me for the way I am living. (how much I didn’t know about spirit)
“I go and fetch them for you,” he said and I thought it was so funny and then he went off again.

It was quiet.

And suddenly the energy changed and the woman was saying: “Hello it is Omra, I was waiting for so long to have that moment with you”. He started to tell me many things that broke slowly some of the rigid beliefs I had from my upbringing and I was so inspired and so comforted.

Suddenly the woman opened her eyes (she doesn’t usually) and from her crystal blue eyes poured a river of energy of love.


I have to admit with all the love I have for my kids, for my husband, and for my mother, the love that came out of that being to me was like a huge wave.
I started to cry. Didn’t stop. When I went back home on the train, I was still crying. It was so profound to feel such a wave of unconditional love while I’m in my little self with my self-doubt and my fears,  and I felt lost in all my questions.

Feeling this kind of love is an amazing experience.

The next time that I came to her, Omra said to me, through her, “you don’t need to come to this woman anymore. You can talk to me directly by yourself. Let me show you how to do it with writing and communicating”. I was embarrassed and I was wondering what the medium woman thinks, but I chose to trust my guide and to see if I can connect with him without an interpreter.

Around that time there was a native American teacher who came to the only spiritual center in Amsterdam, to teach about drumming and the shamanic journey. In a few weeks, I started to explore my relationship with Omra and ask all kinds of questions.

I started to do these shamanic journeys, and I started to work with him to understand, actually, to remember the things I forgot when I was born, which is what we are called to do: to remember who you are, to remember what happened before, to remember our personal and collective soul purpose. Then I started to write our conversation, but that is another story.

We live in such a special time where we can bring the light of heaven reality here, to our body, to our family, to our relationship, to create stuff that influences and inspire and heals people.

This is why we’re here.

This long path is worth every minute. It is worth every agony we ever had, but the key is to stay connected.

Stay connected to your spirit (no religion is necessary, connected to your higher self, to your soul, to our angels, and even to our ancestors). There’s so much support for you and me and it is true that we are not alone.

The journey starts with deciding to go beyond the mundane and explore.
Will you?

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