How Can We Serve Peace? In These Crazy Times?

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Blog & Stories, Sound Healing | 0 comments

It is intense and unusual times.

“What can I do more?” I ask my guides again and again.

I’m, like many people, donating shoes for refugees, supporting the brave water protectors in Standing Rock, supporting girls education in Bolivia, signing different petitions, to voice my wish for social justice.
I will probably continue lighting candles, crying, sharing posts that need to be seen.

“How can I serve peace?”

The answer is still the same…

“Find peace in yourself, speak of peace and help people find peace”

That is the answer I get for my question. That is the BIGGEST thing you and me can do.

All these emotions, that we need to feel while we are changing ourselves and the world.

The only thing I can do is offer to take you on a process to release emotions and find peace.

That is what the Sound Journey is about.


Here what people said:

The Sound Journey™ sessions gave me a beautiful inner peace and most of all a deep contact with my true self. It is a beautiful gift to myself.” Annette

The Sound Journeys™ help me connect with deeply hidden parts of me without any effort. They never fail to bring me to a deeper level of insight into myself. Inge

I’ve listened to the Sound Journey™ many times now, and it has been a huge help for me to come closer to myself and to some things that are blocking me. It works on a very deep level. Anita

Take YOUR inner peace seriously in any way you can.

With or without me, release the emotional pain the world triggers these days, and help us all let more light in, and more love to come through.

Big Love and blessings of true freedom and peace,



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