Days 104-105 – Home Sweet Home

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Days 104-105 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

How lucky are we that we have a home to go back too? a house or a room with a kitchen, bathroom and running toilet? None of us is homeless or in a refuge.
we all (who can log to the internet) are lucky to have a place to call our own.
We all so lucky to have quiet space, have our music on the shelf, have all our underclothes in the draw and take a shower with all our fantastic hair products.

I intensely appreciate my home, our space, our cats, our fish, our plants, our bikes, our neighborhood,  our neighbors, our city of Amsterdam.
I intensely appreciate the act of coming back to our home, physically, spiritually, or emotionally.
I intensely appreciate and absolutely adore homey things like flowers, sugar balls, pillows, a hairbrush in the make up the draw.
I intensely appreciate the vision I have of my future home and the joy I have from looking at it in my mind eye.

Today I said to my beloved that “I feel happy and at peace about all that happened and where I come from, I am happy and a piece about my life and where I am now, and I am happy and excited about the future and where I am going to”.
This is a statement I could never make until now.
I intensely appreciate the past, the present and the future.
I intensely appreciate All of this.

What do I need to intensely accept about today?

Our home is small and I sometimes wish our kid had their own bathroom… must accept it is not the case, yet.

Have I done my Meditation today?

Today I vocalized 108 sentences that started with I love…
That was so good. I will add it to my practice. ( you should too)

What have I learned today?

Living with faith, and trust in the bigger picture and life is giving me flow. Flow is a sweet way to live. I want to live every day with the flow.
Intense appreciation brought me flow.
I start to trust it.

A question to you: What, where and with whom do you have the feeling of home? 

The challenge questions are:
Try it for 7 days 

What do I intensely appreciate today?
What do I need to intensely accept about today?
Am I intensely loyal to myself? or 
Have I done my Meditation today?
What have I learned today?

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