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Success Stories

“Deep contact with my true self”

The sessions gave me a beautiful inner peace and most of all a deep contact with my true self. 

“I came home to myself.”

Galitta’s Sessions are tremendously transformative. With her voice, sound, music, words, and energy she gets you in a trance and gets you to understand the deeper meaning of yourself. 

“It taught me to bring love to myself “

“Your voice is filled with so much love and comfort, It taught me to bring love to myself.


I learned to connect with myself again and heal past wounds

If I have to choose a word to define my experience working with Galitta that would be: Transformative.
I met Galitta in a moment of my life where I had got lost and disconnected from who I really was. In our introduction call, the first thing I felt was Galitta’s power and a strong sense of connection. She understood exactly where I was and she had the tools to help me – if I was willing to be open and invest in myself. Galitta has a holistic and very artistic approach. Through the 4 voices framework, various exercises, and her amazing sound-healing journeys I learned to connect with myself again and heal past wounds for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Andrea V. Vázquez

Galitta’s Healing Arts

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