What Happiness Means To You?

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What happiness means to you?

Feeling peaceful, content?

feeling free or inspired?

feeling connected, loved, maybe creative?

Feeling secure or successful?

Or all of it at the same time?


The good news is that we are born with a magnificent core of happiness.

Yes, our essence is joy and light.

when you connect to your inner self, you can feel it.

The adventure of life is the experience of living in duality.

We have physical limitations, false belief system, pain, projections and fear in us and around us.

The name of the game here is to expand your inner core happiness into the rest of your life, to your body, to your thinking, feeling, and being.

Sometimes against all odds.

Uplifting yourself and others is the most rewarding and creative journey and it is our purpose too.

So what is happiness?

Happiness is a choice, a decision, a learned behavior.

it can become a habit, a state of mind, but mostly it is a journey.

The pursuit of happiness is a path that unfolds as we explored the furthest reaches of our being.

In short, you need to truly know yourself and express your true self to be in the delightful frequency of joy, wholeness, and fulfillment.

And that is a lifelong adventure of being alive and we are all artwork in progress.


Your happiness will positively affect others, and that is why we need you to awaken to your inner self and take charge of your happiness.

We all benefit when you succeed.

We all benefit when you are fully alive.

So take the journey!

It is time, my friend.


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