Guided Visualization For A Good Day 💛

by | Jul 24, 2021 | Featured, Video

Isn’t fascinating how much power we have to shape our future?

Just by using our thinking and feeling, we can raise our frequency and it takes a lifetime sometimes, so be supportive of yourself. 

We can start with an easy practice. Today full moon in Aquarius is a chance to see the big picture.

So I made a from a beloved Morning Activation for alignment to help us focus our energy and make our magnetic field stronger and shinier. It’s only a few 7 minutes too. ( I am learning to film and edit my Youtube videos and that is an adventure)

If you liked the Morning activation for protection, you will love this.
Please watch it here and let me know in the comments what colors do you see around you in the end. 😊

If you look really good you can spot my husband and my daughter. The Guitar is being played by Stephen Jankowski. We recorded the sound healing and the Visualization in his studio in Amsterdam.

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