Guided Meditation To Go To The Next Level With Lion Gate Portal

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Blog & Stories, Video

Are you ready to upgrade parts of your life into more light, peace, and unconditional love? Does our world need that?
I know I and my family do!!
Sign #1
Yesterday I got a surprising message from my own ancestors. Three grandmothers who are sisters and are the embodiment of motherly love.
Yesterday morning we were on vacation, packing to go back home and I was not planning to do anything public for the Lion Gate, but then they came.
Sign #2
Another really important thing for me: A year ago today my mother in law passed away, but there is no ceremony or get together planned. In my family, the whole community and family will come together and we will follow the ancient ritual of honoring our dead.
So suddenly I knew.
We can come together. simple, and on Facebook page.

Join Our Event here:

There is a gift YOUR ancestors want to give to you.
This energetic gateway was opened from July 26-Aug 12th.
You don’t need me to connect and empower your life and all of your bodies. But it is amazing to do it together.
Sign #3
Last Thursday I started spontaneously to fast. Usually, I can’t do it for long, but I always want to do a deep cleanse within my physical body also to support my Spirit body and especially my mental body. So this time I tried to make it to the second day. I was so so sick, it was pitiful
But I stayed the course and I’m proud of myself. I felt that I need to break the ego/fear and continue to fast.
I continued until after the Lion Gate so I can bring us all a fresh healing energy and sounds that are of the new energy because the upgrade is HUGE.
I didn’t know why, but now I know.
​How can you prepare? ​
1) Become aware that you have a chance in this period to upgrade your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit in a special way and we get only one day per year for this energy. Then smile.
2) Reduce your food intake and drink more.
3) Say to yourself: “It is my time and I’m ready and safe” then put a smile on your face and from your heart.
4) Make a list of your wishes and needs and read it out loud.
4) I want to go live with you guys at 20.00 on my Facebook page so we can go deep and joyfully together. If you can’t make it live, watch the replay.

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