DSCF6520DSCF6520Sound Healing -GalittaWoman, Sister, Child is a musical journey of the Happy Goddessa finding her way home.

“I created this performance while inspired by my two beloved Yemenite grandmothers and their stories and rituals.

I am looking for the center point of my urban life with my tribal roots, my love of lyrical songs and the spontaneous creation of chants, the joy of performing and the intimacy of meditation.

In the performance we are celebrating all that we are and all we are not”

he music is an adventure of electronic and world music, and is sung in Hebrew, English and a secret language.

Some songs are from the “The Thirteen” album, some songs are from the new album, and some will be created on the moment with the collective power of the audience.

Galitta performs at Le Petit Festival du Théâtre with Iranian/German multi-instrumentalist  Mr. Shirazy and Dutch DJ and producer Leo Melcherts.

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