Listen, feel, surrender
To the healing sounds of our music…

The power of Sound Healing

There’s tremendous power in music when we allow its healing qualities to support us. Music can take us on a journey inward, help us enter a space of deep meditation where we ride the waves of the sound frequencies. Sound healing, drumming combined with meditation can help us improve our thinking, feeling and even our entire being.

Many researchers in the past decades have proven the benefits of meditation. But the power of shamanic drumming has been used by humanity for centuries. It’s a tool to calm our ‘monkey mind’ and bring our brain waves into a deeper state of peace. When we add the sound vibration of the human voice, the peaceful effect is complete.

Embark on a sound healing journey with us…

Sound healing, shamanic drumming and her own voice have been one of Galitta’s main tools in everything she’s manifested in this world. All our current products – the membership, online programs, events – will have sound healing as a key ingredient to support you in unifying your inner King and Queen.
Inner Voice
Connect to your spirit. Develop your intuition. Cultivate inner peace.
Physical Voice
Enhances body, love and health. Feel more grounded & confident. Take pleasure in your sensuality.
Emotional Voice
Strengthen your connection with other. Experience emotional healing. Invite more joy to your life.
Mental Voice
Master your minds & thoughts. Lead your life with clarity. Communicate in a focused way.

The effects and results of sound healing…

Fast stress reduction
Clarity about decisions
Removing confusion and doubt
Reconnecting to natural inner strength
Protection from unfriendly distractions and focus
Getting to know our subconscious and activating commanding compassionate self
Finding inner peace with an inner understanding of the big picture of life
Clearing the path to build bridges in relationships
More connection to your intuition
More confidence

“I offer you my unique Sound Healing Journeys to guide you to meet new and unexplored parts of yourself. With this comes connection to your authentic self – and there you will enter confidence, strength, and wisdom that has always been there…waiting for you.”

– Galitta

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