The First Sound Journey MP3 is born

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Blog & Stories, Sound Healing | 0 comments

It is actually happening!!


After years of taking people, groups, and audiences on a Sound Journey, I finally answered to requests and made it possible to have in on audio in the privacy of your home or telephone.

For me it is a huge step, to believe, to trust and to share my heart. I want to thank you, all of you, who kept saying that you love the Sound Journeys and how much it helped you.

I made a lovely and helpful package for you, especially for inner peace, in this crazy times.

This is also the 9th year in the cycle and 2017 is year one and a new beginning.
In the facebook group we are counting down to Winter Solstice and I give more tips and info about using the voice to release the past. We want to be fresh and free on 1 of January 2017.

Today I am answering the question I got from people taking the Use Your Voices Experience ( it is still free for you, so get it while you can)

The question was: How can I get to connect to my inner voice?

So this is my answer.

The inner child just made an appearance (You can find me, In YOUR Inner Voice 🙂 So here it is.

Please let me know how it helps you and Join our group on Facebook called Happy Goddessa Club
so I can answer questions and get to meet you and hear YOUR VOICE and story.

Huge Love and joy to you,


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