Let’s Finish The Year with a (gentle) BANG! Shall We?

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Do you deserve to finish the year with a bang?!?


We all deserve to finish strong after all the turbulence and the challenges and the transmutations that you went through.
You deserved to end the year refreshed and inspired for the new beginning that is coming right now.

Finishing the year strong is not only about “How we did this year?”
and it how we choose to view it.
Maybe you had a year of success, good health, and no big issues, but maybe you were, as some of us, challenged, were especially brave, heartbroken or even just failed in something. ( I am a great cheerleader for failure, by the way)
We all can finish strong and clear.

So, see here the story of Derek Redmond that dedicated his whole life to the moment of running the 400 meters in the Olympics.
Watch here his story.


I would like to help us to finish the year with a BANG!!.

So, this is what we are going to do.

  • So first we are going to Review the year in a way that is empowering that show us what are the hidden gems and gold pieces in the year that we got, that we learned, that we experienced, that our body went through and our relationships, what we learned and transmuted and we are not forgetting a thing.
    Click Here to Download Your 2018 Year Review
    You can find Your 2018 Year Review, Put great music, light a candle, cup of tea and do alone or together with a friend the questions. You will be happy you did and you will be ready for our next steps.
  • Second, we will take a deep dive inside our own universe so we can Forgive and let ourselves be okay with our self completely. We all have parts of us that are self-judging and self-blaming, this the part of growth and we can live happily without them.
    We will go through a short Guided Meditation To Forgive Ourselves together.
  • Third, we will be to envision and aim higher with our vision. So we can create a blueprint for next year that is inspiring and being elevated for us to follow. I am thinking about making it all really creative for us to have fun with a vision.
    Look at this video of How to draw a really simple vision
  • Fourth, we will Commit to it.
    We will join in a ceremony that helps us set our intention, have substantial cosmic and earthly support for it so we also can start the new year with a bang.
  • Click Below to Download Your 2018 Review!



You deserve to kick-off 2019 with a bang…

You have the power to move up to the next level, just because you want to and because together we are stronger.

Living in a higher frequency feels more effortless and is without drama or old repeating suffering.

There is a way to live in happiness frequency more often and for longer.

and I am Fully committed to helping us all do that.

So that’s is what we’re going to do.

To help us kick off 2019 with a bang we are going together to have a 21-day Happiness Challenge! Keep an eye on your inbox for details… but in the meantime, you can

Sign-Up HERE!

We will start together in the first new moon on January 7th, 2019.


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