Why Every Smart Woman Needs A Circle!?

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Happy Goddessa Club meetup

We live in a modern age where the world has opened up to us and there are so many possibilities through social media, online teaching, and our global connection! Yet if you are like me, you have probably come to realize that it’s not quite enough.  We still need live physical connection. Gatherings and events where we can feel, touch, listen, smell and drink with other people and gather for an empowered and focused intention.

The seed was planted….

The book Women who run with the wolvesYears ago I went through a crash and I checked out of the rat race. It led me to go deeper into the underworld, on a journey of exploration and discovery. During this time there were a few books that changed the way I looked at life.

  1. “Women who run with the wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés,
  2. “The Chalice and the Blade” of Riane Eisler.
  3. “The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets” by Barbara G. Walker

Another of those life-changing books was “Red Tent” by Anita Diamant.
In that book, she tells the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, from the bible story.

It was fascinating to see the world she had created from the intimate life of women in that time. Deep inside I knew what she was talking about, I felt it in my bones. I felt the knowledge of those women, my ancestors, and I knew about that ritual.
The traditional women of my tribe practice the celebration of the new moon.
In our calendar, the new moon is called Rosh Chodesh (the head of the month). It’s a day where women gather together, dressed beautifully and celebrate the birth of the moon, a new chapter and a new personal and collective cycle.
Reflecting on my ancestors, it reminded me of how disconnected I was from nature, living in a city and in a culture that, at the time, still believed that life is random and that we are separate from universal consciousness. These reflections initiated a journey to find my way back to connection and happiness.

An accidental circle

Art by 16-year-old Dimitra Milan

Art by 16-year-old Dimitra Milan

In March 2005, I was sitting amongst friends. We gathered to eat and we humbly celebrated the International Women’s Day. At the time in Amsterdam, nothing was happening on that day, so we got together. When the host asked me to use my drum and my voice and to give a ceremony, we naturally created a circle of sisterhood and fun.

And so it began!

Then I started to lead women circles, moon circles, singing circles and workshops in relation to sacred womanhood and voice expression. I was sharing everything that I’ve learned since my burnout about healing, shamanism, sound, and consciousness.
I took part in Red Tents circles of other women, which I still think all women should try.

I was asked to give private circles for rituals of birth, death, marriage and often just great gatherings for girlfriends. All those circles are very powerful, very lovely. I always came out of it with a smiling face.

Why do you need to join a circle?


From being a part of these circles I have learned from the feminine divine about the treasures of my body, the power of my mind, my hearts capabilities and the mysteries of my spirit.

Living and being in this world we can sometimes forget our female principals of living from the heart but a circle will always welcome you in. A circle will help you to remember, to enjoy, to feel supported, to rejoice, to sing, to connect and be who you are. It is so powerful and simple at the same time. A Circle is the container of life, like the womb, like a woman’s life.

Are you ready to embrace your inner Goddessa?

All of the knowledge and insights I have gained from these circles, my life and my journey have become the foundation of the “Happy Goddessa Voice Medicine”. This guide is about revealing our inner Goddessa through accessing the power of our voice – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am very excited to start with a Happy Goddessa Voice Meetup. I think of it as a woman’s circle with a voice, but it will include a balanced King/Queen energy.
Why do I want to start by strengthening women again?

We, women, forgot few things.
We don’t remember how to be to be magnetic and to attract everything that we need to us, we are still in survival mode.
Most of us are still running around and chasing achievement in the external world, which is beautiful, but still masculine qualities. We forgot what is it to be in our true feminine power. Many of us struggle even with basic things like the feeling we don’t have the right to exist on this planet as a woman, as a creator, or even as a mother. I know that pain, very well.

When a woman lives like a Goddessa, she has a positive ripple effect on everything and everyone.

An invitation

For those of us living in the Netherlands, I would like to invite you to my monthly meetups.

The Happy Goddessa Voice Meetup is based on The Happy Goddessa Guide
Kick-a#@’ creative personal development and spiritual growth for women. In these regular meetups, we will empower our VOICE using exercises like voice activation, speaking games, body awareness, writing and singing to help activate our personal power – our inner Goddessa!

We will create a sacred space and focused environment, infused with joy and playfulness, to support each other on our journey to becoming more of who we are.  Together, we will inspire and facilitate the Goddessa ability within us all: To be seen and heard in this world. To reveal our shining selves!

When: Wednesday 18 October 2017 from 19.30 – 22.00

October Theme: Opening our heart and voice to each other.

Location: State of Play studio, Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam

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