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 Date: 16 April 2023
at 10:30 to

Shamanic Healing Session with Galitta

The Teacher

Name of presenter: GALITTA

Galitta is a creator, healer, singer-songwriter, and life coach who helps people change old pain into joy and creative expression using her Four Voices™ method which is based on Shamanic principles and the creative and healing arts.

As a healer, Galitta is a certified practitioner of Theta Healing, Reiki, and Reconnective Healing and has practiced 2005 Sound Healing, Shamanism, and works with technics of EFT and the Work of Byron Katie.

As a creative, she is a singer/songwriter and a writer who teaches creative and automatic writing, intuitive painting, mantra singing, and bodywork with voice.

#2 Use Your Voices; To Create More Joy and Self Love -16 April

In this day workshop we will play with all four voices but focus on those two:In this day workshop we will play with all four voices but focus on those two:

Voice #3: Heart voices- Connect and Heal Your Heart and Your Emotional voices

Healing the blockages to joy, finding your true joy through releasing pain and connecting to the inner child.  

We will answer these questions:

Where are my Heart’s Voices? What relationships do I want to heal? Can anybody heal themselves with a voice? How to work with subpersonalities and release blocks in my heart and mind? Which part of me needs my attention? How can I heal myself in my own time? 

Voice #4: Mind voices – Connect and Lead Your Mind and Your Mental Voices  

Awareness of your programming, shadow belief system becoming your own coach with new knowledge, wisdom, and inner leadership.

We will answer these questions: 

What are my Mental Voices and how do they affect my relationships and happiness? How strong is my inner leadership? How to use writing to get clarity and purpose. Which programming do I carry in my system? How to transform my shadow beliefs?

How to use my voice to free my speaking and have fun?

In this day workshop we will: 

  • Learn how to activate the Heart and Mind Coherence with sound and voice
  • Release old pain and let the inner child come out to play 🙂
  • Understand our choices and beliefs, and how to transform our shadows. 
  • Experience positivity and master thinking and new habits.

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