Join our joyful event with a Sound Journey for healing ourselves, our families, and our world.


(Limited Places for the local event and must be registered by the organizer, all who join us get a replay 🙂

We enjoy the power of sound, chant, meditation, and mantras to transform our mental and emotional blocks back to self-love and well-being.

There’s a massive shift in consciousness happening on the planet right now.
Maybe you’ve noticed it already🤣.

There’s a deep yearning within so many of us to reconnect to their true nature, to themselves. We are aware that people need help with this. We are all hungry to find inner peace and expand our hearts. This initiative will help you experience this. We’re so excited to support you in the process!

We believe that by intentionally activating and uniting our voices in singing the same meditative song, we can impact our individual state, and consequently impact the collective field. Research shows that meditation has a powerful effect on the magnetic field of our hearts, known as the Maharishi Effect.

Read more about it:


🦋Body and voice activation to ground and prepare us for the Journey
🦋Shamanic Sound Journey of the month:

This month we take a journey to connect to the leader aspect of ourselves. The LEADER archetype is a master in seeing the big picture of our lives and helps us feel empowered in our decision making.
(This is the part where you can snuggle in your own bed with your earphone and astral travel with us to magical places)

🦋Singing the Ho’oponopono prayer for world healing.

21 February 2021 @19.00- 21.00 CET Amsterdam,

18.00- 20.00 London time,
10.00-12.00 AM San Francisco
13.00-15.00 PM New York time. 

Place: Zaandam and online
( those who are signing up will get the link to the online event and the replay afterward)

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