Does shame blocks your body-love?

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Blog & Stories

The truth is that sometimes we are not in good terms with our Body.

Many years ago when I started to practice Hatha Yoga, I stood outside the class and talked to the wise and experienced teacher. I looked at a young woman who stayed to stretch more in the empty classroom.

As I was at the beginning of my Yoga journey, I said to him: “How wonderful that she can stretch so well”.

“That is not what Yoga is about,” he said to me with an unimpressed voice.

Later I got to know that young woman and she chose to share with me her story and the abusive relationship she had with her body.

She talked about being trained in classical ballet. She realized that the harsh and cruel words to her dancing body affected the way she related to her body. It was never good enough, never looked right and made mistakes all the time. She felt alienated from her body and therefore from part of herself.

She actually moved to explore Yoga in an attempt to connect to it in a “spiritual way”.

We talked deeper about shadow beliefs and programming, and the need for it to be released before LOVE can come into her relationship with her Body.

That was the beginning of her healing journey and connecting to her physical Body.

Unconditional love can cure everything, and everyone can learn to remove the obstacles to love and healing.

Lately, I heard an older lady, whom I love, saying that she hates her arm for being sick and swollen. She wanted to cut it off, punish it for being disobedient. My heart hurt when she said it.

Another young and beautiful person died suddenly from sickness, and I heard people say: “Her body betrayed her”.

Last few weeks I experienced the loss of two beloved people. Both of them had a spirit that wanted to live, discover, create and explore, but there Body could not carry the Spirit anymore.

Sometimes we are angry with Her and our mind/ego/fear gives us arguments of why we should be and stay unsatisfied.

Sometimes we blame our Body for not functioning well and sometimes we take Her for granted.

Sometimes we judge Her harshly for not looking like the picture-perfect image in magazines or worse, we compare Her to other people’s bodies.

And sometimes we remember that She is there only when She “gives us problems”.

But what happens when you are conscious about those shadow beliefs and reverse those habits?

What happens when we clear the mental clutter, see our Body as our friend and not as an enemy, and bring new and high vibrations of LOVE? 

I tell you what happens: we start to create optimal health and vitality, and then, when we feel better in our Body, we also feel sensual, powerful and creative. 

But it all starts with LOVE.

The subject of physical and mental Body health is big, in our Healing workshop we will start with the first step.

For our Free healing workshop “Love Your Body” we will focus on one topic out of the seven and that is going to be Shame.
Can we transform shame to love? Yes, we can!!

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