Do You Want to See a Glimpse of Your Future?

by | Dec 27, 2020 | Blog & Stories

My husband is in a philosophical mood.
Not bad for an engineer. 😊
We met each other 31 years ago, today! (OMG)
I guess we are still fascinated by each other’s world. 

Yesterday he asked me: “Why can we remember the past but not the future?“ He was inspired by the many books he started to explore this year about life and consciousness. 

I’m delighted that my Peter is exploring this from the scientific point of view and I’m from the artistic point. 

We are proving what the mystics have taught us: I call it the akashic record, he calls it the field. I call it spirit, he calls it energy. 

This year did that to all of us. It broke us open to thinking, feeling, creating outside of our box. We all struggle with something but we are in a major shift that will bring all humanity and the earth to the future. 

Can we remember the future? Or do we create it? 

When we travel in a shamanic journey enter a trance state of “no time no space state”. Traveling then can be to anywhere, to a place far away, to meet any energy, change the past and yes, to go to the future. 

Then, last week my Peter got another disappointing news, like so many other people, these days.
We took the dog for a run in the forest and my beloved asked me: “Do you have an idea of what I should do with the rest of my life? 

That is an awesome question, many of us asking these days, and a perfect question to ask our inner guides. 

But I smiled because I knew something he didn’t know.

We can have a glimpse into our future.
A while ago, I gave a session to a lovely woman who had a lot of fears about going ahead with her plan to start her own business.
So I took her through a shamanic journey to visit her future business. She was so inspired and started to sketch what she saw and realized. 

So then I decided to record a Sound Journey that will take us to the future.
I called my friend Stephan Jankowski, who plays guitar, and booked his recording studio. It takes us 5-6 hours to make one track of the shamanic Sound Journey, we had fun and the sound healing chants made me so happy.

Sound Journey To Meet Your Future-Self.


 What do people say? 💛

I saw, heard, and felt myself in another time and space with such clarity. Your future may not be revealed in one go but you will definitely start to build trust in the path you shall take from that moment on. This is not just a one-time off exercise, but a ritual, a place you go whenever you need guidance. Galitta’s voice and music will lead you through a warm and fascinating Journey as long as you are willing to take in the quest with an open mindset.

Your beautiful, authentic, wise voice not only energizes and grounds me, but you also guide me skilfully through the “ Sound Journey to Meet Your Future-Self”.
I keep listening to you, absolute top, thank you!
Peter Bastiaan







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