Do you know yourself?

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girl in the grassWhat do you know about you physical body? Where are your strong points of health? Where does your body show you what it needs and in what way? What kind of relationship do you have with it – indifferent, abusive or loving (often it is one of the three)?

Do you know how to heal yourself when it’s necessary or which remedies fit you the most? What do you know about your inner body (the energy body)? Do you know or did you ever feel that it exists? Do you know how to use it for your health and empowerment?

What do you know about your family and ancestors (genealogy)? What are the physical aspects you genetically inherited from them? And what is your physiological genetic inheritance? Can you see the influences of them on your body, your life, your talents, your choices and difficulties?

Did you take the step of bringing acceptance and healing with all that was? What kind of relationship do you have with your parents (absent or not live or dead)? Did you find the connection between those and your relationships? Is it a closed circle already? What do you know about your spiritual origin? Are you aware of your spirit guides or do you call it something else? Are you aware of this grand power that will come to stand by your side when you call it? Do you know that you are worthy already and magnificent; to live your life like a queen, or do you still feel like a victim?

What are your talents? What are your gifts? Do you develop them?

Can you see it is your duty to yourself and to the universe to become the best of what you can be?

Can you see that we need you to fulfill your part (and heart desire) in order to elevate humanity higher?

Do you see your uniqueness and your beauty? Can you see your importance as a feminine force in our world? Do you enjoy your wo/manhood?

Do you know your mind? Did you notice that you are not your thinking? Did you notice that our mind can cheat on us and take us away from the living?

Do you look at your thoughts and observe that not all off them are worthy to a healthy being?

Did you try to elevate your thoughts to positive supportive creative ones, and leave behind poisonous and defective ones?

Did you make the connection between your mind, your body and your emotions? Are you on your way to master it?

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