Do You Dare to Be Supported?

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Blog & Stories

This is what really happened…

I was clutching my bag and with a terrifying voice I said to my beloved: “I don’t want to go, I want to stay home and watch Netflix!!!”.

It was time to go to the concert I created, but I felt terrified.

My beloved smiled, thinking that he understood but he didn’t.

My fear was not a stage-fright, it was stepping up from the old story to a new and fresh story. Will it work? Will I be supported?

The event was a 9- day exhibition and performance in Amsterdam called In()side and it was created by an artists collective that are working with transformational art.

We created, built, worked, and paid for it ourselves and It was an opportunity for me to heal the issue of being or feeling supported. I was surprised by that.

My intention was to learn to give and receive in a healthy way and hopefully heal my past experience.

Galitta perform in Return of The Queen

Do you feel supported by life, family, partner?

What I realized in the last few months since I dared to be vulnerable again and trust others, is that:

We all carry some kind of wound about rejection from something or someone.

Maybe it is part of human life on earth at this time.

Last weekend, I performed in my interactive healing concert I call The Return Of the Queen, where I tell the stories of the queen (divine mother) and the King to find each other again and I sang 13 songs from my albums

I also gave a workshop before, so people could activate their voice and be active co-creator at the concert. It worked so well.

It was not a perfect try out but something got elevated and born that weekend.
People told me: “I feel healed, I was so anxious”.
“I saw two grown men cry, comforted by their girlfriends, it was wonderful”
“I learned so much about my own Inner queen” 🙂

Yes, I felt supported by the artist from the In()side and with the musician I worked with.
We are now looking at how to continue and amazing people offering to help. (Yes, offering to help make it a healing tour).
Musicians of Return Of The Queen concert

It is the beginning of my dream coming true. I had a vision of it years ago but for many years I didn’t manage to make it happen in the way I wanted.


In one night, that we call Dark Night of the Soul, I surrendered to the guidance from my Spirit Guide with tears and asked the question: Why?

I got this answer:

“Part of your soul mission is to break your opponent (fear, ego) by asking others to support you and actually receive it”.

I thought that I could do that, but I couldn’t. I froze, I hid in the basement of my life.

I went through a period of years dismantling fear, shame, and powerlessness before I could feel at ease and effortless. That is how I became specialized in shadow work and became a transformational coach.

In which part of your life do you feel this?

What will you manifest in your life, if you allow support to come to you?

Do you want to go through the shadows of your life faster? With my support? Book Me Here 

I want you to use the strong current energies of 2020 to help yourself to transform some of your blocks into opportunities that will make your spirit sing.

In any way, you can do that, with my help, or help from someone else, just do it!!

I’m raising my prices from January 2021 and I take a limited number of people per month.

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Galitta’s mission is to help you recreate yourself according to your own Soul desire. Galitta shares inspiration and strategies for living with creativity, authenticity, and joyful self-expression that leads us to fulfillment and self-realization, all while manifesting beauty and kindness in the world.

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