The divine feminine, politics, and our mental health +sound healing

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Blog & Stories, Featured, Video

When I laid my hands on my grandmother’s feet on my last visit, she opened her eyes and asked: “What is it so hot?” 

“It’s my hands,” I said.

“Why it’s so warm?”, she asked suspiciously, but I could feel her body starting to melt and relax. 

“It’s love,” I said knowing that my grandmother doesn’t care for sentiments. She had a hard life and lived with a no-nonsense approach. I’m the opposite. I feel everything and everyone’s, sometimes too much. 

In the same week, we got the news that her great-grandson Nathaniel had a baby girl. 

So this is what I learned. 

Life just goes on. We all grow old. Babies are born. Many of us go through war, famine, loss, and heartache, but life goes on.

All that is holding everything together is loving care, and a brave commitment to forgive and really love each other.

These days I intensely pray for humanity and especially for the young people and women on the front line who are fighting for justice and freedom. They are truly brave and need our support.

Yesterday I woke up before sunrise with a visit from three powerful mother goddesses – Isis, Hathor, and Sekhmet.

They said that the divine feminine needs our voice, our heart, and our body to anchor new frequencies. So I got up, went to my studio, and sang softly the song they whispered. 

Today I made this short video to share with you. This light language sound came to help us upgrade our bodies’ energy so we can continue to open our heart energy and hold the Light in our lives and on the planet.

I hope you can enjoy it and add your voice to this intention of bringing peace, healing, and freedom to the beautiful people of our earth, where ever they are. 


There is a part of me that doesn’t believe it can be so simple to empower the Light on this earth, but I see the effect again and again. 

What do you think? 

Do we have more power to influence life on earth?  



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