Choosing to live as Happy Goddessa

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Choosing to live as Happy Goddessa

UYV.smallWho Is a Goddessa?

YOU!!! you have a version of a Goddessa that we need. When you start to take the Journey to Goddessa hood, nothing can stop you from shining on all aspect of life.

Today, I feel inspired to be a Happy Goddessa, which to me is a state of well being, health in body, mind, heart and spirit.
A balance between the inner/outer worlds. The outer world challenges/action/success/work/ relationships and in the inner world/ inner peace/ inner space/ creativity/ heart connection and general love to life.

Is it possible?

YES, it is, but maybe not all of the time.
Sometimes I lose the spark and sometimes I am a compassionate Commanding and Happy Goddessa and “sometimes” is better than “never”. “sometimes being in a goddessa state can expand it to “most of the time”.

That is how I see myself growing old… it total content.

How do you see yourself becoming? Shining? or fading?

Why is it important to me and to us?

when our cup is full it is easy to be a force of good in the world, to be kind and generate goodness and inspiration.

That is why I would like to have more of us getting inspired together to Taking the Journey and becoming our unique version of HAPPY GODDESSSA’S.

Welcome to Happy Goddessa


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