Choose light in these times

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Video

We choose light by choosing and feeling light every day
by activating love in ourselves and activating gratitude and sharing it with people,
with sharing kindness with strangers.
with being consciousness with our writing, with what you create, whatever you say, whatever you type and sms.
We can choose light.

This is the time to choose life and know that for all of us Lightworkers and Starseed and all of us that came here before
and have been persecuted many times trying to bring some light, some love, and some care into this planet.
it’s time to choose again.

This is the time where it cracks open and we are assisted by the biggest, biggest shift.
When I talk about the divine mother is of all of us, all of us humans.
this energy is a much deeper connection to the heart, to the earth and to each other. We are humans and that means a powerful, creative, loving creature.

I know we are meant to believe that we are ugly and we are hating each other, but that’s not the truth.
That’s when this out and darkness and ugliness come in and create a false reality.

But when you realize who you are, and that’s the only thing I ask of you, realize who you are!

Realize, the power that you have inside your connection to spirit, which is the Inner Voice in Happy Goddessa Voice Medicine and know you who you are on your physical level, in the power of your physical body to host more light with your brain, your heart, with blood, with your bones.

That’s the physical voice in happy Goddessa.

And know who you are on the emotional level the capacity of emotions and how you can elevate yourself up. Take yourself down and you actually, the master should not be only influenced from outside. You are the master rights. You must know that in order to have total autonomy of who you are and how you run your life in the world, that’s our emotional Voice in Happy Goddessa.

that mental voice is the capacity and the ability to understand what are the programs that are running in you and me dismiss the one you don’t need in that, not of yours and not have your highest good and to keep the ones that are mastery.

Highest knowledge. And this is how you know yourself.

You know your core,

know your soul mission, your life mission.

Can you bring it into reality?

So this is the time people. I know it’s hard out there. I know it’s tough out there, but we were born to do this in many, many, many lifetimes. We weren’t prepared to bring our unique gifts to the world.

So whatever it is, activate it.

You are the only one who can know truly what it is, and even if it was qualities that in the past either humans or family or culture fit you, that it’s not valuable or it’s not good or it’s not worth the anything. This is not true. In order to really be free and powerful, you have to stay with you and connect to the biggest part of you, which is your soul. While have you are in this physical body and in this moment, here and now.

and now when all of this craziness in the world is happening, this is the time to know who you are and I would like you to take that as the goal of this times.

That you will be more empowered to know who you are, that you can actually be in a state of loving and compassion and gratitude and help other people.

Don’t stay in the fear. I know it is difficult.

Don’t stay in the caus.

Bringing yourself to yourself, to your grounding nature is here to help us. All the whole spirit world is here to help us. There’s much to say about everything that we do in a happy, good as a tribe, community with w calling all of us on a mission to understand that we are the instrument of change by how we use ourselves, how we empower ourselves to bring more light to this world.

So this is my message for now and I really love you all.

The one who has this heart of gold and sharp mind and are determined, holy Indigo warriors, was born to do this. We did it many times, but this time it’s going to work this time. This is the shift.

Don’t forget much love to you.

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