Can I Accept Where I Am?

Can I accept where I am? Can you accept where you are? Can we accept the process we are in? Can we let ourselves melt and sink into this present moment and accept it as it is? Are we free to do that? How much space is being created with that kind of an acceptance? I...

Before the Afterlife

  Here are an interview and a heart conversation about creativity, singing and healing with the writer, speaker, and blogger Suzanne Falter. You can listen to it here Suzanne: This is before the afterlife. All about healing spiritual growth and how to be happy...
10 Sparkly Reasons to Love Our BODY As It Is

10 Sparkly Reasons to Love Our BODY As It Is

I found myself looking at girls in the way older women used to look at me long ago, with a mix of charm and astonishment at the daring spirit. I was not always charmed; somewhere it was painful. When you are young, you believe that you will always be free. That makes...

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