Sharing Grounding

Thank you so much for sharing your power and your voice in our monthly workshop. Yesterday grounding was full of all your and your families colors, so blessing Amsterdam ground just happened. Gigantic respect to this energy that gives us permission to manifest...

The ground we stand on!!

Last week, the repair man left the job without finishing it, my girl was screaming without stop, then I dropped and broke a glass and I realized that I am behind all my tasks of the day and someone was upset with me. Then I knew. I am totally overwhelmed and retreated...

New beginning: Are you willing?

This is a big week. Not only do we have the Spring Equinox on Saturday, but we also have a New Moon in Pisces and Total Solar Eclipse on Friday. How special is this equinox? Well, the last total solar eclipse on the March Equinox occurred back in 1662.  The next one...
Happy Goddessa Club

Happy Goddessa Club

Here is your opportunity to stretch your winds, fluff your feathers and sing your own song. The Happy Goddessa club is coming alive on the 21 March in Amsterdam, the place to be: to ground your success, connect and take your life to the next level. You are not along...

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