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Book – The Project of Queen Sheba


Queen ShebaWhen I took my own Journey I meet a queen that showed me a path. I have learned about myself and my family and our world through the shamanic meeting with her and other friends. That how the book was born.
It grew into a performance show, a method and to Happy Goddessa teaching.

In the center of the  Queen Sheba project is the publication of the trilogy of “The tale of how Sheba become a queen”. The journey to wholeness of 3 generations of queens of the Shaba dynasty. The trilogy is based on the 3 stages of human life; the maiden, the mother and the great mother.

The first book- The maiden- is the story of a girl coming of age journey, representing the individual evolution to maturity.

The quest of the three different generation queens’ rulers is also the quest of humanity in this time to its own original power of the lost feminine. Like our first queen we are embarking on journey of maturity to discover who we are? What has happened before and made us who we are? What are the obstacles that stand in our way? What we need to overcome them?


The message of Sheba’s journey is to reach Wholeness; to learn to accept death, fear and ugliness as a valuable part of life, as well as happiness and beauty. All life experiences eventually lead us to wholeness.

Experiencing different aspects of herself on the journey, such as being stupid / wise, serious / funny, ruthless / kind, wild /gentle, and accepting that she is all of those things, helps her mend what was broken years ago and eventually brings her family, her monarchy and her own self into union.

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