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Day 17 – Taking Command

Day 17 of 108 days of journey challenge to Intensely Appreciate life. What do I intensely appreciate today? I intensely appreciate the command I took about something I felt insecure about. I intensely appreciate the fact that one moment you don't know and then YOU...

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Day 15 – Allowing Expansion

    Day 15 of 108 days Journey challenge. What do I intensely appreciate today? Today I was speaking about my passion for using all of our four voices to expand life and consciousness. Today I also heard from someone "you feel guilty about your wish to...

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Day 14 – The flow value of dreams

  Day 14 of 108 days Journey challenge. What do I intensely appreciate today? After having a whole day of doing practical work, search, studying and generally staring at my laptop screen. I AM INTENSELY APPRECIATING the dream world. The fact that I can unplug, go...

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Day 13 – Monday blues and gentleness

What can I intensely appreciate today? I intensely appreciate the fact I have a free time with family, no plan or schedule. I intensely appreciate to be in nature and enjoy the simple power of trees, plants, flowers, and fruits. I paint, finished a book and then I got...

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Days 11-12 – Weekend body appreciation

Day 11-12 of the 108 days journey challenge of Intense appreciation to life What do I intensely appreciate today? On Saturday I was fasting. On Sunday I continued a bit longer. I am not that good at that. I know people who fast for days or even weeks. But this year I...

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Day 16 – Easy Does it

Day 16 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life. What do I intensely appreciate today? Today I intensely appreciate the time I have spent with my kids and that we find a way to communicate in a new way that gives both of them validation. I...

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