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Day 29 – Accepting Restfulness

Day 29 - Accepting Restfulness What do I intensely appreciate today? I intensely appreciate the fact that I am finally learning to relax and trust. I intensely appreciate people around me that have this natural talent to be zen. I intensely appreciate the space I have...

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Day 27 – The little things

Day 27 of the challenge of Intense appreciation to life What can I intensely appreciate today? I am so grateful for the Open Coffee and the morning writing in a lovely cafe looking at the water. I love my bike. I love the freedom Amsterdam gives me to get anywhere on...

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Day 25-26 – I love all my aunts

Day 25-26 of my challenge to intensely appreciate life. What do I intensely appreciate today? One of my favorite things to happen, when I was a child, was to have one of my mother's or my father's sisters come to visit us. I have three younger brothers but my mother...

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