Do You Live With Purpose? 3 Surprising levels I discovered

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Blog & Stories

A few years ago I was riding my green bike on a busy street in Amsterdam.
The sun was shining, I had a nice morning and I was going back home, but I was also in tears.
A painful question was making me cry.
“How come I do all of this good work, doing my life mission and I feel miserable?”

I felt my Spirit guide coming to my right side, like a protector and making me realize to be safe. I drove to the sidewalk and stopped.

He was willing to answer my question.
I stood by next to the bike path. In my mind’s eye, I saw an image of a person with three circles drawn – on the forehead, the chest, and the belly.

This was his answer: “You all have three centers of purpose, where your missions are stored and activated.”

“The head area is where your Soul mission is. The chest is your Heart Desire center and the navel area has the center of Life mission let’s call it practical abundance”.

That was interesting and it made sense to me.
“Every center has to be activated, healthy and in alignment with the other centers,” I heard him say.

Then he surprised me by showing me my own body. I had a light center in the head and the navel center, but my heart center was empty. I don’t want to be dramatic but I was looking at a hole.
I almost stopped breathing.

After a few minutes, I understood something and after a few days, I understood some more. I started to look at other people I knew and my own clients, with new eyes.

How I see it in the world

I could see Adam (not his real name) who is a business owner, a creative director, and a talented designer. He is living his Life Mission and Heart Desire well is successful and lives in prosperity.
In order for Adam to have more happiness, he needed to expand his emotional vocabulary in his relationships, especially with his wife. That is what his soul wanted him to experience and master.

I could also see that Eve (not her real name) was serving her Soul Mission in the world by working with children in need. It was also her Heart Desire – she enjoyed the creativity, the healing, and the emotional and intuitive connection.
but Eves Life Mission was to learn how to materialize her ideas into form (school, foundation) and create a better life for herself based on her talents and skills.

I looked at myself having no active Heart Desire, at that time. I realized I had to drastically change something in my life and do what my heart wants. I then allowed my artist-self to come back to life. That was life-changing for me.

Again and again, I see all around me that we need our three centers
to be active, healthy, and aligned.

Soul Mission: what your soul wants you to experience and master
Heart Desire: what your heart wants you to experience and master
Life Mission: what your personality wants to experience and master


The Three Centers of Self Awareness are principle #3 from the 13 principles that are part of The Four Voices Method

Living with Purpose
And now YOU – look at your life and answer this:

Do you think that your three centers are alive and healthy? Which one is the strongest? Which one needs a boost?
And if you want to take this further, what do you need to do to strengthen and align your three centers?

Take time to think feel, write about your insights, and if you need my help Book a Free call  Or join our monthly online workshop.


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