All that Healing and fresh love

by | Sep 27, 2015 | Blog & Stories | 0 comments

healing and loveTonight we celebrate the transition to a New Moon Moon eclipse, the new time and I am so grateful to all that was.

I intensely appreciate the last years and months given me all these special lessons and experiences.

I intensely appreciate all the healing that took place: physical healing with the help acupuncture and herbs, emotional and mental healing in the form of theta healing and EFT, spiritual depth and growth that is, of course, healing (connectedness is the place to be for health and happiness)

I intensely appreciate all the teachers and friends I have met, talked with, learned from.

I intensely appreciate learning new fields and discovering that we can always learn what we don’t know and then… we KNOW!!

I intensely appreciate the wonderful guidance from above to have music come back into my life.

I intensely appreciate learning to be kinder to myself and forgiving to my mistakes or shortcoming.

I intensely appreciate the help we got to find the perfect school for Ella and to see her relax and blossom.

I intensely appreciate the time I have this year to enjoy my son, his growth and his wisdom.

I intensely appreciate the love I have in my marriage life.

I intensely appreciate the fact that we could have a vacation in France and the wonderful regeneration we felt in nature.

I intensely appreciate the B-school I have joined this year and all that I have learned.

I intensely appreciate my body for doing such a brilliant work to sustain me, in spite of the enormous pressure I have placed on it.

I intensely appreciate the clarity I finally got about who I am, what I am here to do and in which way; few freakishly serious questions I was walking around with.

I intensely appreciate the lucky gift my family got to visit my family and my birth city.

I intensely appreciate the rich life I lead, between three cultures and languages.

I have learned that filling my life and thought of gratitude as I tried to do in this challenge is working. I believe that I have changed and changing my brain to have a more positive focus on life.


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