A Wild Story About My INNER CHILD + A Meditation to Connect to YOURS

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Blog & Stories, Featured, Video

It is not only a path to wholeness and happiness, knowing the SELF is a way to connect and understand the universe and creation.

In this video, I tell a very personal story about my encounter with sub-personalities, as it is life-changing and I wish for you to too.

Jung believed we can better understand ourselves and change our behavior or life. My experience confirms that. I’m not an academic, just an artist who plays with consciousness and creative expression and I believe it makes life rich and helps us live in harmony with ourselves.

Chapters: 00:00-01:44 – A question 🙂
00:01-06:41 – About the Inner child
06:41 -23:31 – The Story
23:30-37:50 – Guided Visualization To Inner Child

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